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Rental tent: A Simple Guide for Festival Goers

Tent Specifications


Floor Area: 200 x 200 cm
Maximum Height: 135 cm

Tent Setup and Usage

Location Flexibility

Our two-person rental tent allows you to choose where you want to set it up at the festival, whether near the main stage or in a bit more quiet area.

Easy Assembly

Setting up the tent is simple. Just follow the clear instructions that you'll receive.

Deposit and Return Process

Deposit Requirements

For each tent rental, we require a refundable deposit to ensure responsible use. All the items from the tent must be accounted for, it must be undamaged and extreme soiling may also result in no deposit refund.

Tent Return and Inspection

When you're done with the tent, pack it back into its bag and return it to our designated drop-off points. We'll quickly check the tent and return your deposit if everything is in order.

Hygiene Practices

We clean the two-person rental tent thoroughly after every festival to make sure it's clean and ready for the next use.

Environmental Considerations

Our rental tent follows eco-friendly practices in both materials and how it's made, just like our commitment to sustainability with the Zzz Mattress.

Tent Guidelines

Proper Usage: The tent is for giving shelter to two persons.
Pitch Responsibly: Choose a flat spot, away from things like overhanging branches or uneven ground.
Environmental Respect: Keep your festival area clean and dispose of waste responsibly.

Safety Advisory

Do not to use sharp objects inside

Keep open flames at a safe distance

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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