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Zzz Mattress

Zzz Mattress: A Simple Guide for Festival Goers

Mattress Specifications


Length: 198 cm (with the pillow folded)
Width: 65 cm
Height: 6 cm

Mattress Setup and Usage

The Zzz Mattress is made for festival camping, offering a slightly firm feel for a good night's sleep. It has separate air chambers for even weight distribution, and after testing, a height of 6 cm is found to be just right.

Pickup Process

When you pick up your Zzz Mattress, the team will quickly inflate it, check it, wrap it up, connect its QR code to your order, and have you on your way in about 18 seconds.

Pillow Configuration

The mattress comes with a handy wrapper that can be used as a pillowcase when placed widthwise on the mattress.

Pillow folded with pillowcase

Length Adjustment

For more length, unroll the pillow. If it is too long, let the air out of an air chamber for a better fit.

Usage Tips

Use a suitable sleeping bag for local weather, ensuring the zipper is positioned away from the mattress
For added comfort, consider using a coversheet or sleeping bag liner.
Be aware that pressurized air can pop, yet a flat air chamber won't ruin your sleep.
Changes in temperature might affect firmness, however the mattress is designed to handle it.

Deposit and Return Process

Deposit Requirements

To help the environment, the Zzz Mattress is recycled, and a refundable deposit is charged on orders. For recycling only the material is needed, not the air.

Mattress Return

To return it, deflate the air chambers, drop it off at a designated location, and scan the QR code for an automatic deposit refund.

Environmental Considerations

Plastic is used for recyclability.
The Zzz Mattress Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film is locally made and optimized for recycling.
Recycling results in a 96.7% reduction, outperforming regular models up to 30 festivals.

For a detailed life cycle analysis, check here.

Mattress Guidelines

Use the Zzz Mattress only as a sleeping mattress, avoiding other uses.
Set up the mattress properly in a sleeping area, like a tent, annex-tent of a caravan, or a folding trailer, with a recommended groundsheet. Check for sharp objects before making your bed.

Safety Advisory / Warning

It's not a toy or an floating device

Keep it away from any kind of ignition or open flame

Not for children 0-3 years

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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